Making one jump, or many, you’ll always remember your first.

We specialize in first timers and it is also very special to the staff, to be able to share your first “RUSH” with you. The training for your first Jump will take about a half-hour, depending on how many questions you have. Some people just want a one-time adrenaline rush, and others want to learn. We’ll take all the time needed to train you, and to answer all of your questions.

Tandem jumping allows you to enjoy all of the thrill and excitement of free falling on your very first jump! The Tandem Master will be your silent partner, letting you have full control; or you can just lay back and enjoy the ride. Since we’re weightless in free fall, you won’t even notice that the Tandem Master is there.

Jumping from up to 13,500′ AGL(above ground level), we’ll free fall at 120 mph – 180 mph for up to 60 seconds. While we “Body Surf” the wind, we can do controlled turns, speed diving, and burn up the sky. Then, with a quick pull of the ripcord, we’ll enjoy a quiet and peaceful 5 – 7 minute parachute training flight. You’ll learn equipment safety, free fall body position, canopy control and landing patterns, all with your Tandem Master acting as your flight instructor.

We can also send you home with a DVD of your digital photos and a high quality web video or DVD of your skydive, from one of our professional free fall photographers. Click here to visit our Photography & Video Services page.

Top 10 reasons to jump with us at Skydive Miami!

Tandem Skydive Prices

Basic Tandem $199.00
20 seconds free fall from 8,000 ft. (above ground level)

Deluxe Tandem $229.00
40 seconds free fall from 10,500 ft. (above ground level)

Extreme Tandem $249.00
60 seconds free fall from 13,500 ft. (above ground level)

Weekday Special